Recruitment market shift puts premium on ready access to high quality personnel

When we launched Byron Finance over 13 years ago we found ourselves right in the middle of a candidate-driven market. High quality candidates were thin on the ground and we had to work hard to secure the quality recruits we had made it our business to deliver.

The recession changed all that. With jobs harder to come by, the market was flooded with high calibre financial personnel, which made it easier for us to meet the needs of our clients in supplying very strong candidates. But now, as the economy grows more buoyant and the number of jobs available increases, we’re recognising a change in the financial recruitment market back towards the way things were when we came in.

For any recruiting agent who hasn’t seen a candidate-driven market before, it can be a daunting prospect. You don’t want to scrape the barrel but with the cream in short supply, where do you turn to meet your clients’ needs without lowering your standards? At Byron Finance we have the advantage of having been in this situation before and having built our business to thrive in such a climate.

We started compiling our own exclusive database when we came into the market and today it gives us unique access to thousands of highly experienced financial personnel. We’re not left scrapping with other agencies over the same handful of candidates from public databases and our clients can be assured that the people we put forward will be properly suited to fill their vacancies and won’t be duplicated on other agency shortlists.

We continue to put the work into building and maintaining our own pool of high calibre financial talent because we firmly believe it’s not how you perform when the candidates are queuing up that sets a recruitment business apart – it’s what you can deliver when those diamonds are harder to find.